James Ivory sets records

Ivory watches plays during a game - Photo courtesy of Kevin Pickens

By Jada Wiggins - November 27, 2017

Running back James Ivory III had a record-breaking season his senior year, with 236 attempts and 1,705 yards for the season.

“I have been playing since elementary, and the love for it has made me continue,” Ivory said. “Also, my cousins’ dad, before his death, told me to keep striving for football.”

Ivory said that he sets himself apart from the rest of the players by his mindset and being more determined to take it to the next step. He said that the only thing that goes through his mind on the field is, “I'm going to make this touchdown.”

“I stay committed until I fall asleep,” Ivory said.

He said some of his greatest challenges were trying to beat those records and maintain a good grade-point average in school while playing football. He said that he overcomes these challenges by working harder and keeping God first.

“He set a goal at the beginning of the season, and we wanted to make sure that he reached his goal,” coach Deldrick Douglas said.

Douglas said that they did not really have to do much because Ivory is way more mature than his age. They just simply encouraged him to reach his goals and talked to him constantly to make sure that he was focused on his goals.

“One of my role models is Dalvin Cook, running back for the Minnesota Vikings, because he shows out on the field,” Ivory said.

Ivory said that Cook makes him want to become a better football player. Also, when he was little, he was not only pushed to play football but encouraged to play by watching documentaries on famous football players like Marshawn Lynch.

Douglas said that although Ivory fell short of the 2000-yard mark, he still broke the single-season rushing record and set the all-time single-game touchdown record of five touchdowns. Douglas said he believes that Ivory broke these records not because of anything he did but because of the person Ivory was when he came to Shreve.

Ivory also plays basketball and runs track. He said that he balances all of these by staying healthy and making sure that he keeps a strong mindset.