Video journal to capture memorable moments at Captain Shreve

Key Club meets in the auditorium before school on Sept. 7, 2017 – Photo by Chase Willis

By Alexis McClain – September 12, 2017

A new initiative called “I want to remember this” is a type of video journal for the 2017-2018 school year that was started by Key Club this year.

“‘I want to remember’ is a new idea created by Mr. Scott,” Key Club member Nathan Rowley said. “Students record a portrait shot of themselves and something worth remembering at Captain Shreve.”

These videos don’t have to be long, and since students would most likely use their phones, they could capture the moment in seconds.

“They set their phone to record, film themselves saying ‘This is [insert name here], and I want to remember this,’” adviser Michael Scott said. “Then they video the moment they want to remember and narrate exactly what’s going on over the video.”

Many are excited for this new project, including senior and Key Club president Parker Smith.

“I’m excited for this to be something the whole school gets into,” Smith said.

This project is starting right now, and not only can any student participate, but some have already begun taking their videos.

“I’ll never forget the first one I saw being made,” Smith said. “My friend Nathan pulled out his phone just as Z-Club rolled out the $32,000 check for the Deville family.”

For Smith this was an amazing moment, and he hopes there will be many more to follow. Key Club members know getting students to participate is important to make this initiative successful.

“I hope this project is accepted and utilized by the masses,” Rowley said. “If the students take advantage of this opportunity, then the outcome will be fantastic.”

Those who are members of Key Club and are helping to organize this project are looking forward to the end result.

“This project will become a video journal of all the great things that have happened the 2017-2018 year,” Rowley said. “We will be able to look back at this compilation and reminisce about the good times.”

Any student can submit videos to Michael Scott through email. To see the multiple videos compiled into one, students will have to come to Showboat this year to see the visual memento.