Under new leadership: Gator Battalion receives new commander

Cadet Colonel Allison Howell along with Senior Army Instructor LTC David McGee after being recognized before the school board members - Photo by Chase Willis

Cadet Colonel Allison Howell being awarded her new rank by Board President Denee Locke and Corp. Commander Colonel Caleb Krikorian from Northwood High School - Photo by Chase Willis

By Chase Willis - November 8, 2017

Senior Allison Howell was recognized on Nov. 7 at the Caddo Parish School Board meeting for being selected this year as the Gator Battalion commander for the Captain Shreve JROTC program.

As the battalion commander, Howell’s duties and responsibilities include being responsible for the battalion administration, training, appearance and discipline. This school year the Gator Battalion stands at over 200 cadets strong.

Howell has aspirations to enhance the battalion by strengthening its morale, developing a demand for student leadership. Each cadet is expected to be a leader in their own way, holding full responsibility for their actions as it affects the battalion.

“My goals for the school year in JROTC are to improve physical health through the battalion,” Howell said. “I believe that physical health is a way to keep students on track with their school work and really enhance their quality of life.”

Being in JROTC for the past four years, Howell’s growth as a leader has allowed her to develop a positive attitude. She said that a leader cannot think only of themselves, but about everyone who follows behind them.The program has taught her time management and to have confidence in herself.

“Now, as a senior, I have no problem whatsoever in taking charge of a situation or talking in front of people because JROTC has taught me how to be confident in my decisions and myself,” Howell said.

McGee said that having Allison lead the Gator Battalion is a breathe of fresh air. During her years in JROTC, he has always seen her potential as a leader, and this year she has been able to stand out more in her role as battalion commander.

“She’s an excellent leader and an embodiment of the Army values,” McGee said.

The Army values are loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage.

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Allison Howell, Gator Battalion Commander - Photo by Gator Battalion Staff

Principal Ginger Gustavson and Allison Howell prior to the beginning of the school board meeting - Photo by Chase Willis