Gators and Friends play trivia

By Jaimin Bhagat - April 16, 2018

The second annual Trivia Night, organized by Quiz Bowl sponsor Barbara Doughty and the Quiz Bowl Team, was held on April 4 in the Shreve Cafeteria.

A total of six teams, each with 4-5 people, competed in five rounds with questions ranging in different categories such as science, math, english, sports, world geography, and miscellaneous. Each team was given five minutes per round to work together and answer as many questions as they could.

Teams were later scored on how many questions they earned right, and the top two teams proceeded to the semi-final round which was Jeopardy based.

Team “Taco Cats and the Evil Olives” and Team “Swamp Goblins” had the highest scores of the six teams. Each team went back and forth with the questions in the Jeopardy round, but Team “Taco Cats and the Evil Olives” gained an advantage by doubling the points with the daily double question.

Team “Taco Cats and the Evil Olives” emerged as the victors with the score of 5400 to 2500.