Spanish Club embraces international communication

Senior Madison Parker ready to start the Spanish Club meeting – Photo by Rachel Dupree

Spanish Club sponsor Marion Scott and Co-President Georgia Hilburn plan for club members to use the italki app this year to communicate with students in other countries – Photo by Rachel Dupree

Co-presidents Madison Parker and Georgia Hilburn going over the day's activities – Photo by Rachel Dupree

Spanish Club members enjoying the chips and queso provided at the meeting – Photo by Rachel Dupree

By Rachel Dupree – September 20, 2017

Spanish Club has embraced a new way of learning how to speak Spanish – through international communication.

“Usually, we have about 20 members show up to each meeting,” Co-President and senior Madison Parker said. “We are trying to grow our club attendance and offer more activities. We are hoping to have a larger variety in our games and ways to get to know each other.”

Through an app called italki, club members will be able to communicate with people abroad. Users who want to learn Spanish can communicate with other Spanish-speaking users, and Spanish-speaking users who want to learn English can also learn through this medium.

“I wanted to try to get more people interested in learning a new language,” Co-President and junior Georgia Hilburn said. It was her idea to use international communication as a new way of learning Spanish. She also said that speaking face-to-face can be intimidating, so through phones and texting, it makes it a lot easier and a lot more comfortable for students.

“When you’re learning [the language] textbook-style, a lot of times you don’t get the slang, and you don’t get how they would normally say things,” Hilburn said. This is why she thinks using international communication is so helpful.

Through italkie, users can also use Whatsapp and Skype, and Hilburn hopes to eventually Skype the user she is currently talking to during a future Spanish Club meeting so members can learn about the new medium and talk to a native Spanish speaker.

Spanish teacher and Spanish Club sponsor Marion Scott said she hopes the international communication project will continue to grow in popularity and be used for years to come.

Spanish Club meetings are after school on the third Wednesday of every month, and students do not have to speak Spanish to participate. For more information, students can talk to Scott in Room MH11.

The iTalki app as shown on the iPhone app store