Student Council goes on the road

Student Council members visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom prior to attending the SASC conference - Photo courtesy of Javin Bowman.

By Jada Wiggins - November 15, 2017

Members of Student Council attended the Southern Association of Student Councils Conference that was held Oct. 25-30 in Ocoee, Florida.

According to its website, SASC is an association composed of 15 Southeastern states. It provides high school and middle-level student leaders with opportunities for networking, building leadership skills, sharing ideas, participating in service projects and getting motivated to make a difference in their schools, communities and in their own lives. This year the conference was held at Ocoee High School.

“SASC was an all-around great time, and it was so fun to get to learn from other student leaders not only here in Louisiana, but across the entire South,” sophomore Morgan Hughes said.

Hughes said she believes that the conference was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. She said that she gained knowledge from the speakers that she is going to use to help improve Shreve. She said that her favorite part was learning things that she can use from other student leaders.

“We took home great ideas that we can use for our student council,” sophomore Grace Barrett said.

Barrett said the day before the conference they had fun at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. She also said that throughout the conference they learned new leadership skills, which she is going to apply to her life. Barrett said the conference overall was a fun experience.

“We got to hear Mike Smith, and he helped us realize that we have the potential to be what we want to be, even if that means not going to college and that we should use Student Council to make a difference,” Executive Board member Jordan Jones said.

Jones said that her favorite part was going to Magic Kingdom on the first day because it was her first time ever going to the theme park. She also said that they got to group up with different students to teach them some of their chants, which they later used in a chant competition. Jones said that awards were given on the last day and that several people from Louisiana were top recipients.