Live Broadcast Series

Ever wonder why some families sail through preparing for high school and college soccer and why some really struggle?

Preparing for high school & college soccer

for all 5th - 12th grade players and parents

This 4-Part Live Broadcast series is full of personal experiences, research and proven steps to help your player get to their highest level in high school and beyond.


Join 5 minutes early to make sure you can chat and ask questions.

The link to each session will be active before we go live.

DONE - Nov. 12th, 6PM ET, Part I: 3 Barriers to Success (Pitfalls and how to avoid them)

DONE - Nov. 17th, 6PM ET, Part II: Training, “What it takes” (How elite college players trained in their youth)

DONE - Nov. 19th, 6PM ET, Part III: Performing (Standing out in Showcases, Tournaments, ID Camps)

Nov. 23rd, 6PM ET, Part IV: College Coaches & Programs (Your resume, program fit, recruiting conversations)

1) Print this Worksheet before joining to fill out during the seminar

2) Watch & ask question in the seminar LIVE

3) Then sign-in to chat and say HELLO and where you're from! Use gmail account to chat, ask questions. If you don't have a gmail account, you can join, but cannot ask questions.

We can't wait to share the secrets of playing in high school and college.

Past Live Broadcast Sessions

Workshop: Art and Science of Motivation & Goal Pursuit

STEPS to Participate

1) Read this article on goals HERE

2) Print out the workshop toolkit HERE (need this to participate)

3) Choose the player example closest to your age: 12 year-old or 17 year-old

4) Watch & complete the Motivation & Goal Pursuit Workshop HERE

Watch how to break through HERE

Ever hit a wall in your training? Join Coach Mike, Maria, Cam and college player Jordan to learn 3 reasons why it happens and how to break through! Ask a question, earn 100 points!

2 Weeks ago Live Chat: Go HERE

Watch the 1st SUMMER LIVE CHAT with Coach Mike, Coach Cam, Coach Maria (& Simon)

Go HERE or click on image below

Live Chat 6: Spring Season Awards with Coach Mike, Maria & Cam

Who will forever be the Covid Season Champs? Who broke Work, Grit and Skill records?

What's new for Summer?

Watch Live Chat #6 HERE

We interview Coach Cam on her journey from u12 challenge to national to the Ivy League, ACC, UNC assistant coach, expert elite performance researcher

Watch April 15th Chat #3 HERE

Watch April 9th Chat #2 Below Today!

Watch April 9th Chat #2 HERE

Greetings soccer families!

We're going to try to get as many Spring 2020 players on Live as we can get. Join in. It should be a lot of fun!

email questions or chat ideas for our next live broadcast to Maria at or

Mike Keating

Watch April 2nd Chat #1 Training during shutdown HERE


Past Live Broadcasts: Brandt Bronico, Chicago Fire


Watch Brandt before offseason December 2019 HERE

Watch Brandt's Captain Elite training & impact on his game HERE

More Chalk Talks:

Learn the 5 Top Techniques for dealing with nerves and Performing in Games or Tryouts

with Pro Austin daLuz HERE

Why players hold themselves back with Mike & Cam HERE

Mindset of a Champion with Anson Dorrance HERE

Shortfalls in US Skill Development HERE


“At a young age winning is not the most important thing… the important thing is to develop creative and skilled players with good confidence.”

Arsene Wenger, Head Coach Arsenal for over 2 decades