Access to Comprehensive Planning Application

Security & Roles: Two Administrator roles are needed to set up Initial Access to the Comp Plan web application.

  1. Local Security Administrator: Top-level users, responsible for the overall security of the Education Portal for their institution.
  2. Comp Plan – Local Administrator: has the ability to add users who can access the Comp Plan web application.

If you do not know who your Administrators are please email the Comprehensive Planning support team at or call (717) 732-8403.

How to Establish a Local Security Administrator: Establish an LSA

Finding your Local Security Administrator: Finding your LSA

How to add users to a group: Adding users

How to remove users from a group: Removing users

Becoming an Application User: Registering for a PDE Portal

Access to the Comp Plan Application

Please follow these instructions to create a PDE Portal ID and gain access to the Comp Plan web application.

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