Sra Torras -EspaƱol

Spanish 1 Advanced


The purpose of Spanish 1 Advanced is to reinforce the skills and knowledge of Spanish I or the Middle School Spanish program. The topics studied will center around everyday activities and situations. Reading and listening selections will reinforce the cultural aspect of the course. By the end of the course, the students should be able to ask and answer questions, give a short narrative of his/her activities written or spoken, and read or listen to passages and understand the main ideas.

Spanish 2


Spanish 2 is a novice level course that aims to strengthen the beginning language skills that were introduced in level I. Vocabulary building continues to be a major focus at the level. Students will begin to demonstrate proficiency

in assessments that meet current graduation standards. These assessments include oral presentations, conversations, paragraphs, e-mails and interpretation of authentic written texts and listening selections. In addition to language skills, culture is an obvious point of emphasis as we encourage students to become respectful global citizens.

Spanish 3


Spanish 3 is an intermediate course that builds on beginning language skills preparing students for advanced language study. While students will continue to increase their working vocabulary through thematic topics, they will also learn strategies to approach texts written in the language. Additionally, students will begin to express themselves more formally in writing and orally. Previous grammar topics will be studied in more depth and advanced structures will be introduced. The overall goal of this course is to strengthen reading, writing and speaking skills in preparation for further language study.