Mrs. O'Brien

If you are a freshman, or new to my class:

You will need a book cover, a 3-inch three ring binder, and a graphing calculator.

I use a TI-84 Silver Plus, and advise if you are purchasing a calculator to get one of those.

You also may borrow a graphing calculator from the math department for the entire year. Please go to Mrs. Ferrell's website to find the load form.

Students will need their iPads all charged, and ready to use in class everyday.

I am available most mornings from 7:15 - 7:45 and during achievement period. Please schedule a time to meet if you are struggling with a concept or an assignment.

Link to FST Chicago math

Student password is: C7A4ED9A

FST syllabus 2018-19 FINAL.pdf
Algebra 1 syllabus O'Brien.pdf
Algebra 2 Syllabus 2018.pdf