Code Breaker

Think critically - have fun


Canyon ISD has a huge focus on extending learning outside the classroom. The CodeBreaker Challenge

was a way of reinforcing this initiative while providing a fun and exciting way to learn while building the

problem solving, and critical thinking skills that we believe are essential now and for their future

endeavors. Our Technology Vision 2020 Strategy was to “Use innovative technology to build engaging

experiences”. This program was one of the ways we chose to apply that strategy to provide a unique

learning experience for our students.

How the Game works

We designed the program in two parts that involved items on the campus as well as involvement of

teachers. The students received a “memo” Monday that started the game with a challenge in the library

where students needed to find various books to piece together a phrase, which led them to the next

clue. There were 20 different challenges consisting of Ciphers, puzzles, coding, and critical thinking. The

students had to complete each challenge in sequence. Essentially a scavenger hunt where each problem

led to the next challenge.

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