Graduation Requirements and Endorsements

Grduation Requirements

Foundation Plan With Endorsement Checklist

Foundation plan with endorsement checklist

What are Endorsements and Why Do They Matter?

Information for Randall High School students and their parents/guardians

What are Endorsements?

  • They are a group of related courses that work together to provide in-depth experience in one of five different categories.
  • Students are required to have at least one endorsement in order to meet graduation requirements *(see a school counselor for exceptions).
  • Endorsements can help students prepare for their future career or career training needs, so it is important to think about future career goals when deciding on which endorsement to pick.

What are the Endorsement Categories?

Each category has additional sub-categories or clusters that are more specific to certain fields that may be offered.

Randall High School offers all five endorsement categories.

Things to remember or know about endorsements:

  • Students can earn more than one endorsement, and it may be beneficial to do so in order to make them more attractive to competitive schools or scholarships.
  • No single endorsement will encompass all a student will need to know for any chosen career field; some careers may be listed under multiple endorsements options.
  • Students can change an endorsement at anytime; they are not locked into them, but the longer they wait to change, the less likely it may be to complete the endorsement requirements
  • Students and their parents can opt out of earning an endorsement, but they must wait until AFTER their sophomore year AND they must meet with a counselor in order to do so.

Not sure what career cluster or endorsement to pick? Try the following interest Texas Career Check profiler to help get you thinking about what career may interest you:

Looking for jobs with a bright future or lots of growth? Try looking at these careers through the U.S. Department of Labor's O*Net site:

Be sure to contact your school counselor for any questions or concerns you may have.