Grades 7th - 12th

Canyon ISD is committed to providing excellence in education for all students. All students in CISD have the opportunity to choose the books they will read throughout the school year. In the best interest of developing the love of reading and writing, we believe students should have choice in their reading material. By providing students with book choice, we are encouraging students to read deeply about subject matter of interest to them to motivate readers. Canyon ISD provides book choice in two ways: book club activities and independent reading.

Click on the image to view the 1st Semester reading options for grades 7th - 12th by campus. Each grade-level and campus has a separate tab. These reading options will be offered to students during Book Club Activities in the Reading Language Arts Classroom. Students who do not find a book of interest within theses options for book club activities are welcome to bring a book from the public library, school library, church library, a bookstore, or home.

Book Club Activities

Students will engage in book club activities where students choose a book from a selection of titles offered within the classroom or library. Book clubs provide an authentic opportunity for students to apply many of the literacy skills and practice appropriate reading behaviors they have learned through whole class instruction. Students will be given options of text selection throughout the semester for book club activities. Students who do not find a book of interest within the classroom selection for book club activities are welcome to bring a book from the public library, school library, church library, a bookstore, or home. Parents will also receive a letter notification of the book their child chooses for book club learning activities. If you would prefer your students to read a different book, please contact your student’s teacher.

Independent Reading

Canyon ISD allows students the opportunity to build their reading stamina, reading skills and motivation to read by having student choice with independent reading. Canyon ISD adheres to the state standards for independent reading and the skills students need to be successful skilled readers upon graduation. The state standards ask students to: self-select texts and read independently for a sustained period of time, establish purpose for reading assigned and self-selected texts, and make connections to personal experiences, ideas in other texts, and society.

Canyon ISD supports independent reading in the classroom. Independent reading (also referred to as self-selected reading, voluntary reading, or reading for pleasure) is a time where students are involved in choosing and reading texts for enjoyment. Students can choose their independent reading from a variety of places such as the public library, school library, church library, a bookstore, home, or classroom library. Independent reading is ongoing throughout the school year and is highly encouraged during the summer, as well.

This video is a quick overview of Book Clubs and communication, independent reading and available resources for parents.


In order to ensure instructional resources in Canyon ISD's secondary English (RLA) classrooms meet the needs of all our students and in accordance with policies EF(Legal) and EF(Local), Canyon ISD established an Instructional Resource Consideration Committee to review all current and future instructional resources in our 7th - 12th RLA classrooms. The committee will provide a written recommendation to district personnel regarding any instructional resource it reviews. (Canyon ISD Board Policy Home)

To find more information concerning the work of the IRC Committee, i.e. meeting minutes, book reviews by committee members and decisions click on the link, Instructional Resources Consideration Committee.