Mrs. Oquist

Math AE

Intro to Mrs. Oquist's AE Class

In this class we will be taking the time to learn how to work in small groups with a growth mindset to lay the foundation for our success in mathematics. You will be asked to challenge yourself and to not be afraid to try something because you think you won’t be good at it. As a class we will work together to develop an inquiry relationship with math, approaching it with curiosity and courage. When we get stuck we will utilize different strategies for learning math; draw it out, teamwork, experiment, look for different resources, and to start with a smaller case. You will learn how to talk to your peers and the teacher about ideas and how problems can be solved with different insights and methods. Eventually, we will be working on math tasks that will use the applications they have been taught in your core math class to help you see the representation of the math in the real world, to encourage you to think quantitatively and abstractly and to develop an inquiry relationship with math.

Above is an image that demonstrates a team building activity used in the past where students worked together using a rope to create 3-D shapes. Mrs. Oquist played the role of the skeptic and asked students to justify how they know their shape satisfies its defined characteristics. Students needed everyone in their group to successfully build these complex shapes and provide a convincing argument.