ANKI Flash Card program

Download ANKI

ANKI is a freely available program for creating flash cards including audio, video and images.

Refer to: for downloads and the latest documentation.

Mobile and web versions for using created ANKI decks

There are free Android apps and pay-for iOS apps. In addition, ANKI decks can be uploaded to the web for use on any digital device that supports a web browser.


ANKI for Android:

ANKI for iOS: This costs about $35.

ANKI FlashGrid addon

ANKI FlashGrid is an addon (a.k.a extension, plugin) for the popular flashcard program Anki. It adds the ability to drill by selecting from a grid (similar to the grids used in Rosetta Stone or Vocabulary Manager). It displays the Front of the card on the left, and a grid of card Backs on the right. Clicking on the correct card in the grid is equivalent to clicking on Show Answer in Anki.

More information about how to download and install it can be found here:

ANKI video tutorials

Audacity tutorials for CanIL class use: Youtube playlist Link or play on embedded player.

Topics include:

  • Using Audacity to prepare LACA reference files for ANKI
  • ANKI Deck and Card creation for LACA reference files
  • ANKI Deck exporting and sharing
  • Using ANKI decks shared for class use