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At Canfield Local Schools, we are committed to educating the WHOLE child. We believe that social and emotional wellness is the foundation for academic learning, upon which happy, healthy futures are built. Our staff of masters-level licensed school counselors in collaboration with local mental health professionals and resources, hope to educate and support not just our current Cardinals but their families.  It truly takes a village to inspire change, so we invite you to join us in breaking the stigma of mental health and start a new conversation at Canfield. 

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Local Counseling Resources 

(An additional list of specific counselors in local agencies and their area of expertise.)

Canfield Community Resource List

This is a compilation of local resources for a variety of concerns including Mental Health, Addiction, Grief, Food Resources, Housing, and others. 

Are you already connected with services and would like to coordinate with the school? Please fill out the Release of Information Form. If you are working with Akron Children's, please use the Akron Children's Release of Information Form.

Break the Stigma - Mental Health IS HEALTH!

In the U.S., a significant portion of Americans are living with a diagnosable mental health condition—up to 20% by some estimates. Yet, many people experience internal resistance to seeking mental health care. In fact, recent research has shown that over half of those with mental illness never seek treatment. Stigma is one of the biggest barriers to seeking mental health care. “For some reason, people often have an expectation that they shouldn’t need help for a mental illness. Or, they think that needing help makes them weak,” says Dan Haycraft, MD, psychiatrist with Adventist Health St. Helena. “We often have a totally different mindset with mental health than with other physical illnesses. If a person has pneumonia, they’ll prioritize seeing a doctor. But if they’re feeling overwhelmed to the point where they can’t deal with life, people think they should be able to handle it alone.”Dr. Haycraft stresses that to break this stigma, we need to understand that mental illnesses are biological conditions, just like other physical diseases or illnesses. “There’s a prevalent belief that if you have a mental illness, there’s a part of you that’s broken,” says Dr. Haycraft. “It’s important that people understand that mental illness is not about weakness or inability to cope.”  Read more... Break the Stigma - Mental Health IS HEALTH!

If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide or experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis, 988 provides 24/7 connection to confidential support. The chat feature will be available through the Lifeline’s website. 

There is Hope.

Just call or text 988

or chat #988Lifeline

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