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Because Luxury Is More Than Just A Buzzword

Why Become An UnEarthed® Partner?

UnEarthed® is a candle like the market has never seen. Candles that scent up to 5,000 square feet of open space with the highest quality fragrance available at the highest percentage possible in a candle. But the features don't stop there. This candle is made with a "dream-wax" blend, unavailable in any other candle in the world and made with natural ingredients. It features NO MICROCRYSTALLINE, NO STEARIC ACID, NO ARTIFICIAL DIES, NO WAX FILLERS, NO FRAGRANCE FILLERS AND an IMPECCABLE BURN!

Remember the "slow months" during the first half of the year? NOT ANY MORE! These candles provide a steady flow of income through all months of the year and they fly off the shelves during the second half of the year!

UnEarthed® candles are poured in the United States, made with UnEarthed®'s proprietary, scent power-driving breakthrough of Advanced Fragrance Technology® and with the highest quality fragrances available. These candles burn clean, virtually smoke-free and drenched in fragrance all the way to the end of the burn.

The one rule that we live and die by is that we will ONLY make candles with fragrance that fills a minimum of a very large room completely, with a goal of filling a house completely with every fragrance we make. The magic to Advanced Fragrance Technology® is that we are now able to make ALL fragrances so powerful!

Our company produces a large number of candles for premium bourbon and whiskey distilleries, including Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Four Roses, Buffalo Trace, Wild Turkey and many more. These kinds of endorsement are a testament to the quality and reputation of our company.

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