Canby Technology

A guide for new staff computer is on fire...what do I do?

Every school in CSD has a dedicated Building Technology Specialist. Reach them via our help desk (preferred) or email -- and they'll assist with any issue you might have. Here's how to reach them:

Ackerman/Carus Elementary : Kim Smith -

Baker Prairie Middle School: Justin Parcher -

Canby High School: Aaron Smith -

Canby High School: Elie Enderle -

Eccles and Knight Elementary Schools: Andy Covington -

Lee and Trost Elementary Schools: Mario Guadarrama -

Ninety-One School/District Office: Josh Rapley -

You can access our help desk from school or home via this link:

Uh....I get a Mac?

Every certified staff member in CSD receives a MacBook Air as their dedicated device. If you're new to Mac, work with your building technician to get some basics...there's a slight learning curve if you're used to Windows -- but you got this!

To make sure we know who has which device, and what you're responsible for register your laptop here.

Google Voice for All!

Due to the pandemic this spring we moved all our certified staff to a product called Google Voice. Google voice permits you to use your CSD laptop as a phone for voice calls and text messages. Expect an email in a few days that shows you how to set up your Google Voice number.

My Obligatory Need to Scare You...

  • Your laptop, your passwords, your student passwords
  • Phishing
  • How you manage your work: Keep Canby data in Canby systems. Don't move or send work to your personal accounts.

Classroom Technology

Each classroom and office space in CSD is slightly different. For this reason, consult with your Building Technician to get the lay of the land. They're there to help.


  • CSD-owned devices connect to CanbySDclear Network.
  • Personal Devices connect to Canby_Guest

Our Student Information System

The core of many of our systems is student data. From seating charts, to grades, to schedules, to parent contact information, Synergy will be your friend (if you like it or not).

Save this web address:

Need an app for your students?

Data protection extends to the software we put in front of our students. The Technology Team will assess app/software requests for compatibility and security issues that protect us all!

Your Technology Advisory Council

Each school has a local instructional staff member tasked with both helping you and the district better integrate technology into our processes. Talk to them!

Canby High School - Jeremy Ensrud

Baker Prairie Middle School - Steve Bonham

Carus Elementary - Kim Kent

Eccles Elementary - Jacquie Fitch

Knight Elementary - Chris Parkinson

Lee Elementary - Lana Smith

Ninety-One School - Nicki Salisbury

Trost Elementary - Whitney Bonner

District Student Services - Rebecca Ansen

District Technology - Matt Paul, Josh Rapley, and Chad Kay

Confused, frustrated, don't know where to start?

The technology support team will help you or get you to the person who can!

  • Just ask.
  • Seriously...just ask.