German-American Partnership Program | Canby High School

If you are participating in the German Exchange, you need to read through all of these sections:

Photos | Applying | Dates | Costs | The Right Attitude | No Drinking | Hosting a German | Passports | Documents | Medical Questions | Packing for Europe | Air Travel | Exchanging Money | Cell Phones | The Bus Tour | Being a Guest | Going to School | Driving | Day Trips | Where is Lahr? | Teachers & Chaperones

Beautiful Meersburg, Germany
Olympic Park - Munich 1972
Our school, Clara Schumann Gymnasium in Lahr

Notes and Updates:

  • We do not have the exact dates, cost, or other details for the 2020 exchange yet (it is still too early) but we do know the basics. Please see below for details and email me if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you. – Noah Megowan
  • The cost is usually around $2200 (which includes the airfare). Kids also need personal spending money while in Germany but that varies from student to student.
  • Hosting: The approximate dates for hosting our German guests in Canby should be something like May 16th - June 3rd.
  • Traveling: we go to Germany for 3 weeks starting about 1 week after school gets out.
  • Contacting me is easy. I check my email regularly, so that is usually the fastest way to get in touch. You can reach me at or call (after school is best) at 503.263.7200 ext. 5003.
  • Comments in italics are from actual students who have gone on the trip.
  • This is a non-profit program organized on behalf of the students by the teachers and chaperones. No part of the payments go to the chaperones or the teachers involved. The organization, the German-American Partnership Program, known as GAPP, is also not compensated in any way. They are a non-profit branch of the German State Department and part of the Goethe Institute.