Overview of the competition

The Canadian GeoOlympaid is a national, bilingual competition open to all students ages 16-19 who reside in Canada. The competition is split into two phases.

Phase 1

The first phase is an online test consisting of 100 multiple-choice and true-or-false questions. This phase is divided into two parts, each containing 50 questions. Students may complete the two parts at different times if they wish. The scores of the two parts will be weighed equally and added together for a total mark out of 100. Scores will not be shared with participants under any circumstances.

Phase 2

The second phase of the competition will be a written fieldwork project. The twenty (20) students who score the highest on the online test will be emailed additional information about the second phase of the competition, which will focus on field work.

The second phase of the competition will be submitted online and marked by a team of Can Geo Education teachers based on a rubric that will be made available to all participating students.

The four students with the top scores in the second phase will be asked to join Team Canada.

Team Canada

Members of Team Canada will attend the International Geography Olympiad in Quebec City, QC, July 30 to August 7, 2018. All required expenses for the international competition (including travel, accommodation, uniform, food, etc.) will be covered by the RCGS.

Although the Canadian competition is available in both English and French, the International GeoOlympiad is only administered in English. Therefore, students selected for Team Canada must be proficient and comfortable testing in English.

To register

Students must create a free account on the GeoOlympiad website. Once registered, students will be emailed access to phase one, containing the two written sets of questions (50 questions per set). Students may only submit one completed test. Any student that registers with more than one email account will be automatically disqualified from the competition and prohibited from participating for three years. Register now!