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CMSD 2020 FALL sports Have been cancelled. 2020-21 Winter sports season on hold.

Due to the district's move to virtual learning for the first 9 weeks of school, and the continuation of the remote set up into the second 9 weeks; our fall sports season has been cancelled and our winter season is currently on hold. We are hopeful our student-athletes will be able to play in some capacity in the upcoming winter and spring seasons. Our winter and spring teams began virtual preseason engagement the week of 9/14.

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Welcome to the home of The campus international high school Trailblazers.

Campus International High School is a proud member of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District; participating athletically in the Senate League Athletic Conference, and as a member of the Ohio High School Athletic Association. From this site you will be able to find all things in our world of sports. Team practice locations and schedules, season schedules, and meeting information are a few examples of what can be accessed.

Academic Status Reference

Athletic society Academic status tiers

Student-athletes at Campus International are tracked academically via our academic status forms. Forms are issued to each team Monday morning and are to be turned into the coaches on Thursday. The forms are created to track students' grades and any missing assignments in each class on their schedules. Teachers will mark an estimated 1-8 grade based off of the current grade book as well as in class conduct. Missing assignments are marked on a "none", "few", "many" scale. Based on these forms, student-athletes will then be set into one of three tiers, each tier having a certain level of academic responsibility. That responsibility comes in the form of attendance at our weekly study tables. Study tables are ran Tuesdays and Thursdays during practice time. The break down of these tiers, along with the level of responsibility that comes with them, and an image of the form itself are posted to the left for reference. If your child is a student-athlete, parents and guardians who want to stay up to date on their academic progress do not need to wait for interim reports or report cards. Simply ask to see your child's academic status form and they should be able to provide you with their sheet for that week.

Sports offered

Fall Sports Information

Fall Season sports

Soccer (Co-ed)


Cross Country (Boys & Girls)

Sailing & Crew

Winter Sports Information

winter season sports

Girls' Basketball

Boys' Basketball

Swimming (Boys & Girls)


Spring Sports Information

spring season sports

Track (Boys & Girls)



Sailing & Crew


Season schedules

2019-20 Athletics Schedules For Website


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CIHS Athletics Through virtual learning period

Due to CMSD's decision to focus on remote learning for the first nine weeks of the 2020-21 school year, we have consequently lost our Fall sports season for the Fall of 2020. While we had hoped for an active winter sports season, we recently learned that our winter season has been placed on hold with the announcement of continued remote learning into the second nine weeks. We understand this not ideal for our student-athletes, and that they are missing out on this crucial piece of their high school experience. For that reason, we will continue to be positive and stay connected with virtual engagement between our coaches and their student-athletes. Engagement plans will vary from sport to sport and season to season. These engagement plans are posted here for quick viewing by our student-athletes and their families. If there are questions and/or concerns relating to one of these plans, please reach out to the Head Coach at the contact provided on our information sheets above; or Mr. Holt at the emails provided at the bottom of out site.

Attention gamers

Full Sail's Fall High School Esports Series

This November, Full Sail University is hosting two virtual gaming events exclusively for high school students. Each four-day event will feature panels with gaming career professionals who will share their experiences and advice on working in the game industry. Students will have the chance to compete in gaming tournaments for trophies and scholarship opportunities.

3v3 Rocket League Series 1v1 Fortnite Series

November 4-7, 2020 November 11-14, 2020

Three students on each team One student on each team

The Fall High School Esports Series gives students a great chance to learn more about future career paths and get involved in their local gaming community. Each team must have an adult sponsor to participate. Sponsors must complete the registration form by October 26. After a sponsor registers their team, we will share additional signup requirements for sponsors and students to complete by November 2. Visit our Fall High School Esports Series website to learn more about the event, including rules, prizes, and how to sign up.

Email Mr. Cotton if you're interested (

CIHS Cheerleading Pre-Season Meeting

CIHS Cheerleading Preseason Meeting

For those who are interested in trying out for Cheer this winter and missed the preseason meeting, Coach Jaz put together a slide show containing all the information covered at the meeting. If you haven't signed up yet, do so with the student-athlete interest form below!

2020-21 Student-athlete interest form

Help our coaches plan for preseason engagement by completing this quick interest form. All we need is your name (first AND last), grade, and the sports you are interested in participating in. Transfer students will be asked to provide a few extra answers from us. The form is included with this post and also linked here.

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Pre-participation Physical Forms

All student-athletes are required to have a valid and updated physical form on file to participate in athletics. The form provided can be taken to most health care professionals for completion. Please contact your health care provider to determine if they offer sports physical services. **This form must be filled out in its entirety and with all necessary signatures before student-athletes are approved for play.**

2020-21 Pre-participation Evaluation Form

Preseason Info Meeting

Pre-Season Parent Info Meeting Slides

As a member of the Ohio High School Athletics Association, we are mandated to hold a preseason meeting for parents to go over pertinent information. With that said, we are aware that parents and families may not always have schedules that align with when we hold these mandatory meetings. For that reason, the presentation given at the meeting is posted here for parents to view at their own convenience. In addition to holding the meeting, we are supposed to hold any student-athlete from participation until their parents have viewed the material. So please make sure to check the presentation in the event you were not able to make one of the three preseason meetings. Once you have completed the information, please fill our the Preseason Meeting Make Up form that is posted as well. This will help us document that you viewed the material and allow your student-athlete to compete without restriction.

**PLEASE NOTE: Parents who have attended the meeting, or viewed the presentation for one season do not have to do so for the remaining seasons. Even if your student-athlete competes in more than one season.**