Research priZes

Prize Winners

Young Investigator Training Program (YITP) – First Italian Workshop of Econometrics and Empirical Economics (IWEEE)

Within the 2017 Young Investigator Training Program, ACRI financed our workshop with 10,000 Euro for three research prizes that will be awarded to young researchers.

Candidates, in order to be eligible, are required:

  1. To be below 40 years old, i.e. being born after 1st of January 1977.
  2. To be affiliated with a foreign academic or scientific institution and being resident abroad.
  3. To have their paper accepted for presentation at IWEEE 2018, either in a regular or in a poster session, and registered to the conference by 1st December 2018.
  4. To be able to visit for a period of no less than a month, comprehensive of the days spent at the conference, one of the 26 Italian institutions belonging to the YITP-IWEEE 2018 network (see below).

The visiting should occur about the conference period, starting not earlier than January 15th 2018 and ending no later than March 5th 2018.

Monetary value of the prize

The gross monetary value of the prize is €3000 for residents in Europe; €4000 for residents outside Europe. Notice that winners of the prizes will in general have to pay income and regional taxes on their prize. Administrative details will be made available to the selected candidates, following the award of the prizes.


Eligible candidates are required to apply by submitting the following documents in PDF format: 1) the application form, also containing some details on the proposed research activity during the visiting; 2) a scanned copy of their passport, reporting personal details, i.e., photo and date of birth; 3) a full CV; 4) the proof of payment of the conference fee and of the affiliation fee to SIdE; 5) the paper accepted for presentation at IWEEE 2018.

Submission is electronic at, with deadline 12 (noon) GMT December 31st 2017. Candidates are required to indicate five possible locations for their visiting in the application form, among those of the SIdE network list (see below). Please apply as early as possible to facilitate the selection procedure.

Prize Award

Successful candidates will be assigned to one of the available institutions, based on preferences and research opportunities. Details concerning the visiting period will also be discussed with the reference person at the assigned hosting institution.

Payment of the prize

At the end of the visiting period (and no later than March 5th 2017), in order to receive the payment of the Research Prize, the selected candidates will have to submit the following documents in PDF form: 1) the payment request form, signed by both the researcher and the reference person at the hosting institution, containing bank details of the researcher; 2) a brief report on the research activity completed during the visiting, and, in the case it was already available, the paper written during the visiting.

Submission is electronic at Upon a regularity check, UNIMIB will then proceed with the payment of the prize to the researcher by means of bank transfer.

Hosting network

The Italian Econometric Association (SIdE) has constituted a network of 26 institutions to the purpose of hosting successful candidates during their visiting period. Hosting institution and reference contact persons are listed below.

  • Università di Milano-Bicocca Prof. Claudio Morana
  • Università di Firenze Prof. Giampiero Gallo
  • Università di Roma 1 Prof. Stefano Fachin
  • Università di Bologna Prof. Giuseppe Cavaliere
  • Università di Roma 2 Prof. Tommaso Proietti
  • Università di Perugia Prof. Francesco Bartolucci
  • Università di Venezia Prof.ssa Monica Billio
  • Università di Bolzano Prof. Francesco Ravazzolo
  • Università di Milano-Cattolica Prof. Andrea Monticini
  • Università di Torino Prof. Fabio Bagliano
  • Collegio Carlo Alberto-Moncalieri Prof. Alessandro Sembenelli
  • Università di Verona Prof. Diego Lubian
  • Università di Pavia Prof.ssa Carolina Castagnetti
  • Università di Palermo Prof. Alessandro Cipollini
  • Università Politecnica delle Marche Prof. Jack Lucchetti
  • Università di Milano-Bocconi Prof. Carlo Favero
  • Università di Padova Prof. Massimiliano Caporin
  • Università di Genova Prof.ssa Malvina Marchese
  • Università di Trieste Prof. Gaetano Carmeci
  • Università di Brescia Prof. Raffaele Miniaci
  • Università del Salento Prof.ssa Camilla Mastromarco
  • Università di Messina Prof. Edoardo Otranto
  • Università di Salerno Prof.ssa Alessandra Amendola
  • Center for Research on Impact Evaluation (CRIE) European Commission DG Joint Research Center Dr. Paolo Paruolo
  • Università di Napoli Prof.ssa Francesca di Iorio
  • Università dell’Aquila Prof. Umberto Triacca