Camp Kesem Chapters

As of this year, Camp Kesem is operating at over 100 chapters in 42 states.

As a Kesem Alumnus, you are welcome to support any Camp Kesem chapter- not just your alma mater. Students from your alma mater or local chapter may ask you to engage in any of the following ways:

  • Attend Friends and Family Day
  • Participate in Giving Tuesday
  • Support a Make the Magic
  • Serve on an Advisory Board
  • Mentor students and graduating seniors
  • Advocate for Kesem in your community
  • Provide mission-centric support to chapter activities
  • ... And more!

We remind you that student leaders are the ultimate decision makers when it comes to their chapters, especially when it comes to involving Kesem Alumni with their student leaders and families.

The students will email all local and chapter alumni who opt in with opportunities to engage, so make sure your Kesem Alumni profile reflects your current zip code, email address, and interests.

Need to know more? Email your Regional Program Director, who oversees all the chapters in your region, to find out which chapters near you need your help the most, or email student leaders directly if you already have a chapter in mind.