Three Cool Cats

Three Cool Cars are a band with an international lineup: Doc Scanlon (USA)-bass, Juli Aymi (Spain)-clarinet, sax, various percussion, and Mikha Violin (Russia)-guitar & banjo. The Cats are a swingin', singin' trio of pure fun, guaranteed to make you smile! With only 3 musicians, but the ability to play aup to 7 insturments with tight three part harmony vocals, the band puts out a sound that fills you ears and eyes with energy an gets your feet moving!

Three Cool Cats are an offshoot band of Barcelona's Cool Cat Combo, who have become well known in the European Swing Dance, Jazz Festival and nightclub circuit for their interpretations of Hot Jazz and New Orleans Traditional Dixieland Jazz from the Swing Era of the 1920's-30's & 40's. Doc and his bands has toured all over the world from New York to Shanghai, China to St. Petersburg, Russia and has always delivered memorable performances over his multi-decade career.

And they know what swing dancing is all about - watching them on the dance floor is a real treat as well.