Camp Canary 2020

'Early Saver' booking opens June 1st

* Please help us make it happen - confirm your interest now

* Save 40 € per person when you book by August 1st

* Maximum 74 people / 37 couples - DON'T MISS OUT

* Put the dates in your diary: March 13th - 20th 2020

These are the steps:

  • We’ll email to say booking registration is open on June 1st
  • You then send us your 200€ booking deposit each
  • Book with deposit before August 1st and your course fee will be 390€ - that’s a saving of 40€ each
  • The course fee then rises to 430€
  • We need 50 confirmed participants by September 30th, so we can declare that CC2020 will definitely happen
  • If we fall short of 50 participants by September 30th, your deposit will be returned to you – we will not spend it!!

  • If we succeed apartment booking will start October 1st *
  • We will go on accepting participants to a maximum of 74, and will create a reserve list for late-comers.

(*) Keep in mind that all participants need to stay at Club La Santa, so you'll have to book an apartment together with the course!