Student Wellbeing

At Campbells Creek and Guildford Primary school we believe in educating the whole child. We want healthy and happy students and believe this includes having a healthy mind and an active body. We have many programs in place to support the wellbeing of our students. Our Student Engagement Policy (revised in 2016) outlines our approach to behaviour management as well as the support structures we have in place for the mental, social and emotional health and wellbeing of our students. Some of our wellbeing related programs included in this policy include:

  • A part time Social Worker on staff
  • Trauma Informed Practice approach (see more information about this below)
  • Daily "Fresh Start" program for selected students to transition into the morning learning program
  • Weekly Circle Time activities in classrooms
  • 3 tiered Behaviour Management approach (class & yard);
  • 4 house groups (celebrating success in all areas of schooling);
  • Leadership opportunities including School Captains, School Vice Captains, House Captains, Student Representative Council;
  • SSSO access (Speech, Psychologist);
  • Fresh fruit provided for all classes every week;
  • Morning breakfast program and
  • Daily Relaxation/Mindfulness sessions in all classes.

Student Transition

We aim to make all transitions to and from school (and within school) smooth and organised for all students. Our schools are part of the 'Making Links' network (working with the local Kindergartens), we run a 'Buddy system' where all Prep students are given a Year 6 buddy, we run a Prep transition program that includes a Teddy Bear’s Picnic and we are part of the Transition Network with the local secondary college (for Year 6/ Year 7 transition).

Trauma Informed Practice

Our staff are guided by the principles and practices of a trauma sensitive schools approach.

The purpose of this approach is to ensure we provide all students with a safe, engaging and inclusive learning environment , as well as fostering positive relationships and behaviour expectations across the school.

For more information on Trauma Informed Practice see the following resources:

Inclusive School

We pride ourselves on continually striving to be a more inclusive school. Inclusion is our major focus for 2017. We are installing an inclusive outdoor learning garden as well as updating our policies and procedures to ensure they are inclusive of student academic needs and backgrounds as well as gender identities (including having gender neutral toilets). In 2017 we commenced our journey of implementing the Respectful Relationships curriculum, which is aimed at reducing domestic violence and gender based violence in the community. We are very excited to be one of the first schools in our