Guildford Primary School


Guildford Primary School is located in the small township of Guildford, just 15 minutes outside of Castlemaine. It is an annexe of Campbells Creek Primary School. (This means the schools share the same principal and teaching staff however Guildford Primary School has its own parent club, uniforms and way of doing things.)

Guildford Primary School offers very small class sizes with close teacher interaction and support. Students participate in extra-curricular activities such as our very popular weekly creative 'Makerspace' activities and receive a visit from the travelling library van each week.

Features of Guildford:

  • small class size,
  • great community feel,
  • high levels of parent involvement,
  • opportunity to participate in larger school activities with Campbells Creek PS,
  • brilliant weekly art and music classes,
  • large family feel (we even have roaming chooks!),
  • fantastic facilities and resources.

Guildford's 2017 enrolment is 8 students.

We have 1 classroom teacher, a music/art teacher, a library teacher and a classroom aide (three chooks and a dog).

Inquiries about Guildford Primary School should be made through the office staff at the Campbells Creek Primary School office (54722180).