Welcome to Campbells Creek Primary School!

At our school we strive to inspire, encourage and support our students (and community members) to

  • Be Curious,
  • Be Brilliant and
  • Be the Change.

We want our kids to become passionate lifelong learners, ever conscious of the world around them and always giving back to the local and global community.

We believe in the importance of educating our kids to prepare them for the world of today AND tomorrow and realise they need more than just high academic skills in order to be successful in this world. We place a large emphasis on the arts, social, emotional, well-being and physical development.

Having said this, we have a very strong focus on developing the core skills or reading, writing and maths skills, which we are continually refining to ensure we are giving our children the best opportunity for success.

We have a strong, tight-knit community and a high level of parent and community involvement.

Our enrollment in 2019 is 128 students.


Our school’s vision is to develop lifelong learners who are curious, creative and connected and who are active contributors and leaders in the local and global community. We will do this by providing a stimulating and caring environment that values student voice and decision making and encourages students to strive for and achieve their full potential.

Our school motto- “Be Curious. Be Brilliant. Be the Change” demonstrates our belief in high expectations for all members of the school community. It reflects our aim to:

  • Encourage everyone to become motivated, lifelong learners.
  • Develop each individual’s strengths and talents.
  • Guide and inspire children to set and achieve goals within their grasp.
  • Encourage everyone to produce their best.
  • Nurture student confidence and wellbeing and increase their resilience.
  • Provide students with strategies to cope with change.
  • Prepare students to participate fully in life as responsible members of the school and wider community.