Audio Video Technology and Film

Fall 2019 Welcome!

If you have not already done so, please take time to sit down with your parent guardian and review the appropriate course syllabus, sign up for remind, and join google classroom.

Your username for Google Classroom is (Note: You cannot login using your personal email) Your password is yourstudent#chs. Parents, Please add yourself as a guardian for google classroom.

Google Classroom Class codes

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To sign up for Remind text the corresponding code to 81010. 1st Block @AVTFB1, 2nd Block @AVTFB2 3rd Block @AVTFB3, and 4th Block @AVTFB4

Updated: January 5th 2019

Class slideshow: Spring 2019

Here's a rundown of what we're doing in class. Miss a few days of school? Scroll down to the correct date to find out what we did the days you were absent. You have to be logged into your campbel account to access this slide show.

Tripod Wars

Balanced and stable tripods are so important. AVTF Intro students race to setup tripods. Practice makes perfect!

August 15th, 2018

Tripod Race.mp4

2017-2018 Year End Video

2018 Year End Video.mp4

Feature Stories

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Welcome to Campbell High School's Audio Video Technology and Film program!

We have an exciting semester ahead of us!

End of Pathway Assessment: We will use the NOCTI Job Ready Exam to measure the skills of those who complete a secondary or post-secondary technical program. Job Ready credentials consist of both a written and performance component.

Class Materials: Intro: You will need a folder for this class. Here you will keep all of your class handouts. You will use EVERY class handout to study for your tests. This is your study. You will have a folder check before every test.

The vast majority of class materials will be posted on Google classroom.

See "Class Slideshow" for makeup work and a rundown of each day.

You will turn in all video assignments via google classroom so be sure to sign up using the classroom code on your syllabus. The codes can also be found at the bottom of this web page.

SD Cards : All Footage should be logged daily. SD cards must be formatted and never ever taken out of the camera.

Class jobs: Equipment managers and Assignment Editors are exempt from all class warm ups. This is a huge responsibility and should not be taken lightly.

Event Coverage: All advanced students are expected to cover 2 events per semester. Please click here to review the event coverage requirements. If you are unable to film events outside of school hours due to transportation, it is your responsibility to find and sign up for events that take place during school hours.

This is NOT a group or partner assignment.

Lab hours

M-W 3:30-5:30

You must schedule lab time via the form below.

If you are only able to film events that happen during school hours, you must let me know at the start of the semester. Click here to review assignment requirements.

School Calendar