Crossroads Elementary


As school counselors, we believe it is our responsibility to be advocates for all students here at Crossroads and ensure that every child here is supported in the academic, career, and personal/social areas of development. Our counseling program utilizes a data-driven approach to school counseling, meaning we use new data from Crossroads each year to inform our decision making about school counseling programs and interventions. This approach ensures that we are meeting the current needs of our students.

Crossroads School Counseling

Mission Statement

The mission of the Crossroads Elementary School Counseling Program (CESCP) is to provide a comprehensive data-driven school counseling program that facilitates a positive learning environment for all students and fosters student growth in the academic, career, and social/emotional domains. The CESCP utilizes evidence-based programs to provide services to all students and collaborates with educational stakeholders to promote success, remove barriers to learning, prepare students for middle school, and develop a foundation for college and career readiness in the 21st century.

Crossroads School Counseling

Vision Statement

Crossroads Elementary’s counseling program will empower students to achieve excellence in all facets of life. Crossroads Elementary School’s counseling program will realize success when:

  • All students believe they can and will learn.
  • All students can recognize and apply their strengths to identify and overcome barriers.
  • All students promote an atmosphere of social justice and equity.
  • All students can identify personal strengths and weaknesses, identify learning styles that support their achievement, and identify short-term and long-term goals.
  • All students leave elementary school inspired to actively pursue learning opportunities and experiences in-and-out of the classroom to enhance their passion for learning.
  • All students are able to identify and regulation their emotions to the best of their ability.
  • All students exhibit strong work ethic and character development.
  • All students are involved in positive connections and mentor ship relationships with adults, are able to recognize and seek help when needed, and are positive role models and mentors for others.
  • All students use their skills as life-long learners to enhance society as local and global citizens.
  • School counselors adhere to the ASCA legal and ethical codes/standards, behaving in the utmost professional manner.
  • The school counseling program aligns with the ASCA National Model focused on academic, social/emotional, and career domains.

Crossroads School Counseling Beliefs

The school counselors at Crossroads Elementary believe:

  • All students have significance and worth.
  • All students shall have equal access to all services (academic, career, and personal/social) provided by the counseling program and the school.
  • All students have strengths that can be applied to achieve their goals.
  • All students learn best when positive relationships are present and fostered by all educational stakeholders.
  • School counselors must be advocates for every student.
  • School counselors are leaders and collaborators in school culture and academic achievement.
  • School counselors develop positive relationships and recognizes each student’s special talents to help them achieve goals.
  • The school counseling program collaborates with educational stakeholders to increase equity and access to opportunity.
  • The school counseling program serves a central role in meeting students’ developmental needs through interventions in academic, career, and personal/social domains.
  • The school counseling program focuses on student learning and utilizes a data driven comprehensive school counseling program to meet the needs of every student.