Technologies and Tutorials

Gale Database Tutorials

Recording #3.mp4

Logging on to

Gale Opposing Viewpoints

Use Campbell County's free new database. Use on campus or log on from home.

Find up-to-date, information for all of your subjects and your curiosities.

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Annotating database articles

on Google Drive

Send your Gale Database findings to your Google Drive to annotate and have easy access anywhere you have internet.

Access Gale While at School

Click above to learn how to access Gale off campus!

Access your Gale Opposing Viewpoints Database Here

Google Slide Deck

Want to create a Google Slide Deck? Click the icon to the left and watch an easy tutorial. You got this!

Watch this easy tutorial to learn how to add pictures that don't infringe on copyright laws.

Add to your Google Slides

Spreaker tutorial:

Audio Recorder for Podcasts, Book Talks, Interviews, and Much More

Student example: a research project

Listen to Mrs. Eccles on Spreaker

Give Spreaker a Try!

Plan your book talk here



Biteble tutorial coming soon!


this app is for Apple products

green screen storyboard planning econ.docx


plan your video now

Econ Student Commercials

The Pom Pom by Frances, Maddie, Michael, and Anna

Having fun with Do Ink