$7210 from Wine Survivor Raffle

$140 from Chili donations

$100 misc donations

$15,000 from previous fundraising

Spray Park Process

The Cameron Heights Park & Facilities Development Committee (Subcommittee of CHCL) is working in collaboration with the City of Edmonton through the Neighbourhood Park Development Program (NPDP). The intent of the NPDP program is to guide, facilitate and support the creation of great spaces and fun places for neighbourhood play, wellness and learning through active partnerships with the community.

‚ÄčThe City provides a team of experts to support community volunteers throughout the NPDP process with a Neighbourhood Resource Coordinator and a Project Manager.

There are five (5) process steps the Playground Committee will be working through with the City as we continue to develop our park area. Below we will walk you through each step and where we are currently at in the process.

A. Community Group Orientation to Parkland Change Process - COMPLETED FEB, 1 2018

B. Identify Project and Confirm alignment with Strategic Direction and Priorities Community Project Start Up - COMPLETED

C. Form Park Project Committee and Complete Terms of Reference (TOR) or Bylaws - COMPLETED

D. Submit a Project Request Form to City of Edmonton - COMPLETED MARCH 13, 2018

E. Receive Approval and move to Concept Phase - COMPLETED AUGUST 8, 2018

A. Submit Deposit #1 Collection of Community Group funds $5000 to start Concept Phase - COMPLETED

B. Develop Public Involvement Plan (PIP) - COMPLETED

C. Confirm Project Elements - COMPLETED

D. Create a Funding Strategy - COMPLETED

E. Provide input to the development of the Concept Plan - COMPLETED

F. Sign off Concept Plan and Concept Budget - COMPLETED

G. Submit a Project Plan with Concept Plan, Budget and NPDP application to City of Edmonton - COMPLETED NOV 8, 2018

H. Receive Concept Phase Approval - APPROVED APRIL 2, 2019

I. Receive NPDP Funding Approval - APPROVED for $200,000 APRIL 2,2019

J. Sign NPDP Community Group Agreement and Submit Deposit #2 (10% Community Contribution) - COMPLETED APR 18, 2019

K. Continue Fundraising - ON GOING

A. Provide Input into Site Development Plan and Updated Budget produced by City of Edmonton - WAITING FOR CITY

B. Sign off on Site Development Plan and Budget -

C. Final Fundraising -

D. Submit Community Group Deposit #3 (Remaining balance of community contribution)

E. Provide input into site amenities procurement (playground /structures/ furniture/shelter/award criteria)

Build Phase

A. Construction Contractor Procurement (Project Manager completes Procurement)

B. Weekly Site Meetings

C. Construction Completion (Approved by Project Manager)

D. Project Manager Provides Financial Reconciliation package to Community Group