Teacher Laptops

Needs for future teacher tools were determined as part of the planning process for the new Camas Schools.

This diverse group determined the needs of teacher equipment to be: Accessibility, Flexibility & Portability.

A Dell Laptop: Replaces teachers' desktops & Chromebooks. Will keep monitor, keyboard, mouse & sound amplification.

Docking Stations: A single USB-C cable will easily connect power supplies and peripherals to the laptop.

ScreenBeam: Allows wireless projection between laptop and TV or Projector.

USB DocCam: Allows for continued wireless mobility as well as annotation, photo & video.

DVD players available for checkout from library and additional power supplies will be provided.

Along with new hardware, systems will simultaneously be upgraded to Windows 10.

With many upgrades, this will be rolled out in phases.

Phase 1 is the replacement of the Chromebook & desktop for the docking station and laptop.

Phase 2 will be an opt in option for a ScreenBeam and USB document camera. This will happen with training and after all staff are in Phase 1.

This website has been designed to hold support materials to support staff as we learn together.

All staff have the ability to comment on the FAQ page as well as on YouTube videos.

Feedback and collaboration assure we are meeting everyone's needs.