6th Grade Health:

Fitness Concepts & Wellness

  • Identify and describe each of the components of health as well their interconnections.
  • Analyze their current health habits in relation to the components of health and set SMART goals for improvement.
  • Understand and give examples of the FITT principle
  • Know the components of fitness
  • Examine a fitness assessment
  • Understand the importance of exercise in leading a healthy lifestyle


  • Demonstrate understanding of basic nutrition vocabulary (calories, nutrients, etc.)
  • Identify the basic food groups (and subgroups within each) and suggested serving sizes
  • Set personal nutrition and fitness goals based on the dietary guidelines.
  • Demonstrate the ability to read food labels
  • Analyze health product information to make healthier choices
  • Understand the relationship between caloric needs and activity level

Self Esteem

  • Be able to recognize positive and negative self-esteem in themselves and others
  • Be able to implement techniques to improve self-esteem in themselves and others
  • Be able to identify techniques to improve self-esteem in themselves and others in order to set goals for improvement
  • Understand positive and negative ways to deal with emotions and the consequences of them.
  • Understand the effect that self-esteem has on all aspects of health
  • Recognize the effect of happiness on all aspects of health
  • Students can identify and describe factors that influence self esteem
  • Be able to define self-esteem and body image


  • Understand the effects of tobacco on the body and mind/on all aspects of health
  • Analyze tobacco ads to find purpose and meaning
  • Learn and practice effective refusal skills
  • Demonstrate understanding of communicable and non communicable diseases associated with tobacco use

Family Life & Sexual Health

  • Identify physical, social and emotional changes that occur during puberty
  • Understand the basics of HIV and AIDS
  • Learn about the reproductive system in relation to their sexual health

Safety & Injury Prevention

  • Be able to perform basic first aid procedure
  • Understand and identify basic safety precautions