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February 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th: ELA and Math i-Ready testing Please have charged chrome books and headphones; Over a third of our students are coming to school without charged chrome books and headphones. This is making learning, completing work and participating in classes impossible. These tools are used every day. Students should have a routine each night to charge their chrome books and repack in the morning. Please support this habit at home. We will be starting to mark students tardy to class to keep track of how many days they are coming to class unprepared.

February 11th: Intramurals Season 3 4-5 PM begins

February 14th and 28th: Late Start Days

February 14th: Valentine’s Day celebration – Team Reach – kids can bring a Valentine for friends if they would like. Please remember – if they bring candy there should be no nut products.

February 15th: No School

February 18th: No School – Presidents’ Day Holiday

February 20th: Five Guys PTO Fundraiser

February 2nd: 8th grade students visit CHS, Hayes, & Discovery

February 25th: High School Options - Informational meeting for 8th grade parent meeting @ Skyridge Middle School 6:30PM

February 26th: Discovery HS Open House 10AM & 6:30PM

February 27th: 8th grade student/parent Math Science Technology Magnet Program informational meeting @ 6PM in CHS North Commons

February 27th: Intergrated Arts and Academics IAA student/parent informational meeting @6PM in the IAA Annex (former Lacamas Heights Elementary 300 Pod)

February 28th: Discovery High School Open House 1:30PM


January 7th: Back to School

January 10th: Late Start

January 14th – 18th: Unity Week – activities will happen during lunch to help unify our Skyridge Community. Along with this, there is an optional suggestion of what to wear each day if students want to participate.

Monday: Wear orange

Tuesday: Hats or shirts that spread respectful messages

Wednesday: Wear a hat if you agree with kind words

Thursday: School Colors (navy, burgundy)

Friday: Wear yellow

January 14th: Geo Bee Assembly

January 18th: Skyridge Variety Show

January 21st: No School - MLK Jr. Day

January 24th: Late Start

January 25th: Grades close mid-point Second Trimester

January 28th: No School - Grading Day

January 30th: Hawk Mart - gather those tickets!!!!


Nov-Dec: Food drive – Stuff the Bus

December 13th: Late Start

December 20th: 6th Grade OMSI Field Trip

December 21st: Assembly

December 22nd - January 6th: Winter Break

Skyridge 2019 Variety Show

Skyridge is proud to announce that we’ll be having a variety show! We are seeking students who would like to share their talents with the school. In the past we’ve had a wide range of performances: singing, instrumental, dance, tumbling, gymnastics, martial arts, puppetry, skits, juggling, and more.

Mr. Sanchez and Mrs. Sappington are holding auditions via Google Classroom. If you have a talent that you’d like to share, please join the Skyridge 2019 Variety Show Google Classroom.

Here’s the code: snb05j3

Create a 1-2 minute video of your talent and submit it to the Skyridge 2019 Variety Show by Dec. 17th at 6 p.m. Results will be posted outside the Band and Choir Rooms on Dec. 21st. The Variety Show will be in January and the date will be finalized before Winter Break.

Questions? See Mr. Sanchez or Mrs. Sappington.


8th: Late Start

9th: Veterans’ Day Assembly

12th: No School – Veterans’ Day

13th: 2nd Session of Intramurals Starts 4-5 pm

21st – 23rd: No School – Thanksgiving Break

28th: Hawkmart – keep track of your Hawk tickets!

29th: Late Start

30th: Trimester 1 ends


11th: Late Start

12th: No School – State In-Service day

16th: 6th Grade Hawktoberfest – 6:00 – 7:30 - Students attend w/parents

15th – 19th: Skyridge Hawktoberfest Week see details below.

18th: Skyhawks Fall Dance/Social 3:45-5:30

23rd: Picture Re-take day

24th: Hawkmart

24th: Unity Day (wear orange) Unite together to end bullying!

25th: Late Start

31st: Community and Team alternate schedules

Skyridge Hawktoberfest Week – Monday, October 15 – Friday, October 19

Skyridge Hawktoberfest Student Experience Nights

· 6th Grade is Tuesday, October 16th 6-7:30PM

· 7th and 8th Grade is Wednesday, October 17th 6-7:30PM

Hawktoberfest Spirit Week –

· Monday – Mismatch Day

· Tuesday – Twin Day

· Wednesday – Sweats Day

· Thursday – Fan Fanatic Day

· Friday – Camas Pride Day – Wear your Camas colors and show off your Camas pride!

Food Drive

· Grade level competition – The Great Pyramid Build

· On any of the days throughout the week, bring in two food items and get a hat pass for the day (some hat wearing restrictions apply)

· Bring in 4 items and submit a song request for lunchtime music

· On Wednesday, Oct. 17th, get a popcorn pass if you donate a food item

· On Thursday, Oct. 18th, Get a free dance/social ticket if you donate at least two food items

Skyhawks Fall Dance/Social – ‘A Fan Favorite’

· Thursday, October 18th 3:45 – 5:30 PM

o Dance – Rubber Gym

o Games – Wood Gym

o Middle School “Chill” Room – Choir Room

o Concession For Purchase

o Kona Ice For Purchase

· Price For Admittance - $3 at the door or Two food items donated to the food drive on Thursday

Lunchtime Activities Include;

· Music At Lunch

· Hawk Mart

· Mix-it Up at Lunch And Much More!

Don’t forget to cheer on our Camas School District Parade which takes place in and around downtown Camas on Friday, October, 19th beginning at 4:30. Skyridge will have a float being represented within the parade.

Skyridge’s Hawktober Fest!

When: Tuesday, October 16th 6:00PM-7:30PM

Where: Skyridge Middle School

What: A night where our students can share their Middle School experience with their parents and family.

Activities include:

· Open classrooms

· Choir or band performance at 6:15 and 7:00.

· A tech safety presentation 6:30 and 7:00

· Parent/student fitness challenge experience in the rubber gym – ongoing

· Club/activity tables and presentation located in the Cafeteria

· Check out the Sawubona video presentation in our computer lab

· Treat yourselves to a Kona Ice by visiting their truck just outside the cafeteria.


4th: First day of School

10th: After school Intramurals start - Futsol M + W, Bombardment T + Th

12th: Science Olympiad Mtg 4-5pm

10-21: Math and ELA i-Ready assessments

13th: Late Start

18th: Picture Day

18th: Mock Trial Meeting 6pm LMC

19th: Science Olympiad Mtg 4-5pm

19th: Paper Cup football game - Skyridge vs. Liberty @ Doc Harris 6pm

26th: Science Olympiad Mtg 4-5pm

27th: Late Start

Sept. 10-14:

Another great week. I am really enjoying getting to know all of the new 6th graders.

Tips - have your student show you the Handbook, planner and each of their teacher web pages. They should also be able to share the LMC web page and give you a virtual tour of the library.

Accordion folders - SOOOOO important. I was able to meet with a handful of students and get them set up this week. I will be looking to get the rest next week!

As always if you have any thoughts, questions or concerns email! I can't help if I don't know!

Mrs. Ireland

First Week:

Great first week! The normal locker issues and following schedules. Lots of smiling faces as they left. If your student gets home and has any concerns or questions that they did not share with teachers let them know they can come down to room 105 in the morning and I can help or answer questions. Feel free to email me to give me a heads up so I can look out for them but one of the biggest learning goals for all 6th graders is to become self-advocates. Encourage them to seek us out.

Thanks for all of the supplies. If you still have items to send in, please do so before the end of the week. Check with your student to see what they need.

PARENT HOMEWORK: Salmon colored form was handed out at open houses and the first week of school. I will also attach a copy to the documents page of my website. Please return by Monday Sept. 10th at the latest!

Chrome books have all been issued. Thanks for doing such a quick job completing the paperwork.


Mrs. Ireland

Accordion folders

are highly recommended. I can't say enough good things about this valuable tool. Middle School is a big step up in independence and organization. As I have already said to the students – “With independence comes responsibility.” Lots of materials, supplies and papers to keep track of and be prepared with each day. An accordion folder is an essential tool to make this happen. If you already have one for your child, please send it in. If your student does not yet have one, please consider running right out and getting one! I will be working with students during the Flex period over the next few weeks to get them set up.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please email or call!

Here is some info on what type to get:

Sturdy fabric, strong closure, with at least 8 pockets is best. I will help students set these up if they bring them to class. We get a lot of papers, handouts and long term assignments that need to be kept in a safe and accessible place. The bottom of your locker or backpack is not a good storage space! This is a tool for success! REMEMBER - File it! Don't pile it!!!

Amazon, Office Max, Target, Wal-Mart and Staples all have great versions from simple plastic to fabric and zippers. The sturdier the better to last the whole school year.

Some examples:

Globe-Weis/Pendaflex 13-Pocket Fabric Expanding Zip File, Letter Size, Black, Single File (84087BLK) $12.99

Smead Poly Expanding File, 12 Pockets, Flap and Cord Closure, Letter Size, Blue (70876) $6.99

Great First Day!!!

Everyone seemed happy and ready to be back at school. The usual schedule and locker questions. A few bus confusions at the end of the day but overall - Good start to the year!

If you are hearing different stories at home, have something good or not so good to share - please email me right away. I can't help what I do not know about!

So excited for this year!!! My 22nd in education. It felt so energizing and positive everywhere I went yesterday. Thanks for sending us such great kids and especially thankful for all of the support, supplies and words of encouragement! I am so grateful to work with such amazing students, educators and for such a supportive community!

Friday August 31st Practice and Walkabout:

During the Wednesday Open House (or email me) I will have a sign-up sheet for students to sign up for a time to visit Skyridge on Friday, August 31st. Not all students need to do this but I find that it is helpful for some of my students.

This is a time for students to come and set up their lockers, practice and walk their schedules. I have (6) openings each at 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00AM. This is a student only event. I find it helpful and confidence building for my students to set up, practice and know the building before the crowds of the first day. Doing this with me and no parents also makes them feel they can do it on their own the first day. Your student can also bring in all of the supplies which saves some heavy carrying from the first day! Kids spend about 30 -45 minutes and then can be picked up by the main office.


Mrs. Ireland

Welcome to Skyridge Middle School

I hope you have had a great summer and are excited to start your middle school career! The information listed below was also sent out in an email. If you did not receive an email and would like to be added to the list please contact me through this website and provide an email.

Our 2018-19 school year is about to begin! You are welcome to come in to the Skyridge office Monday through Friday to make purchases and pay fees. Coming on an earlier day is recommended – parking and short lines!

The office hours schedule prior to start of school is: August 20th through August 31: 8 AM-3 PM. Closed for lunch 12:30-1 PM.

August 29: 6th Grade Student Open House from 4:00-6:00 PM. Parents and students should plan to attend the entire event which includes class schedule pick-up, classroom visits with teachers, finger scanning for MealTime, and hallway locker practice. Office staff will be available for you to purchase school items and pay fees. Parking at the school for large events is challenging and car pools are encouraged. School supplies may be brought into your core classroom and dropped off or bring into school on the first day please. If you are unable to attend the new student orientation or visit Skyridge, student class schedules will be available online via Skyward August 29.

6th grade schedule confusion:

The white print out schedule for Skyward really should be called a class list since it is not the order of classes nor does it have class times posted. The class list is really the computer program, Skyward's format for teachers to enter grades.

The 6th graders have a very smooth and easy schedule to follow once you look at the classes and not the class list. Please see the Schedule page on this website for further details.

Sixth Grade teams:

Team Up:

Becker, Heidingsfelder, Valenter

Team Reach:

Amundson, Gilman, Mattson

Team Fly:

Allen, Baumgarten, Magner

All students have Health/Fitness as either their Sky or Hawk day. The other day is either: Band, Choir or the Rotation classes - Performance, Art or Technology. This period is the only thing that changes each day. The rest of the schedule is 3 academic "Core" classes - Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies.

Period 1 = Sky, Period 2 = Hawk, Period 3 = Core 1, Period 4 = Core 2, Period 5 = Core 3

STAR classes per 1 class = 1 SKY Day, per 2 class = 2 Hawk Day

The end of the day is a Flex/Advocacy period where all students spend time with their teacher team and smaller community in the 6th grade.

I hope that answers all of the questions! As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email or call!


Mrs. Ireland