CS 338 Computer System Administration

This course provides a holistic introduction to the support of organizational information technology infrastructure. It covers deploying hardware and software, designing and maintaining networks, and performing basic security configuration. Students work with open source and commercial platforms. Students apply these skills through multiple system implementation labs and team projects. Prerequisite: CS 112.

Course Outcomes

Students successfully completing this course will demonstrate that they can:

  1. Configure and maintain an operating system, web server, and applications for production use on collections of machines.

  2. Build, configure, and maintain a network of PCs.

  3. Utilize VMWare vSphere to deploy and maintain virtual machines.

  4. Operate Microsoft's Active Directory environment and Windows Servers.

  5. Write Powershell scripts to configure and maintain PCs, servers, and services.

  6. Analyze various storage technologies and data-center technologies.

Course practices:

  1. In-class lectures

  2. Labs

  3. Tests

  4. Assigned readings and videos