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Accelerate your middle or high school's STEM journey today with's Underwater Robotics program!

Help us reach our Goal: 100 new underwater robotics teams in California in the 2022-23 school year.

It is a great way to learn STEM--and have a blast driving the ROV, completing challenges, and competing with other teams. uses the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) program, sponsored by the National Science Foundation. provides a library of video instruction so students can learn valuable STEM skills by building an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Plus, the adult team leader doesn't need experience in electronics or robotics--that all covered in the kit and the video sessions.

It's very simple, fast, cost-efficient and you can even advance to enter regional and international competitions!

Step 1: Email to sign up your school.

Step 2: Order MATE Remotely Operated Vehicle, (ROV) kit ($220), plus a supplemental list of tools, such as a soldering iron, PVC cutters and wire strip tools.

Step 3: Schedule a free, live kickoff remote online session with instructors. Then proceed through the video library at your team's pace, scheduling live review and trouble-shooting sessions along the way. Then schedule a final live session to demonstrate your team's ROV and compete.

Kids showing the ROV to Tony Thurmond the State Super Independent of Public Education

Kids showing the ROV to Tony Thurmond the State Superintendent of Public Education

At the STEAM conference to show off our idea

Teams learn, build, play and compete together

Live online and recorded instruction--at no cost--accelerates your team's learning.

Start with PVC to build the frame for the underwater robot, also known as the ROV, or remote operated vehicle.

Measure and cut the PVC so it fits right for the ROV frame--always wearing safety gear!

Once the frame is complete, attach the motors and test for buoyance.

Test wiring and power for the motors

Connect the wiring and motors to the PVC frame.

Add the accessory tools, and the ROV is finished-- and ready to compete.

Test ROV performance in the water.

Mission Accomplished! Kids enjoy learning important STEM skills. Now, interested teams are ready to pursue the national MATE ROV competition, sponsored by the National Science Foundation!

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