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Due November 3 - October Coaching Log#2

Due December 8 - Coaching Log #3 (Link and printable copy below)

November - Coaching Session Canceled

January 16-18 - Private School Sponsored Induction Coach Training with Lisa Danielson

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Using the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP)

CSTP Placemat

CSTP Guidebook

Continuum of Teaching Practice

Section restricted to CalStateTEACH Induction Coaches

Coaching Materials

Coaching Log #1 - Aug 28 to Sept 29

Coaching Log #2 - Oct 2 to Nov 3

Coaching Log #3 - Nov 6 to Dec 8

Printable versions of Coaching Log #1, Coaching Log #2 and Coaching Log #3

October Coaching Session

Assessment Rubrics