The Cal Donian

The Caledonia High School Journalism class presents the 19-20 yearbook "These Were the Days".

The Caledonia High School Journalism class presents the 19-20 Cal Donian yearbook. This 194 page full-color book designed and created by just twenty-two student journalists aims to cover all 1,504 students at least three times. Click here to place your order for this year's Cal Donian. For more information, email us at


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Covered on pages 40-85

Hawaiian Homecoming

Covered on pages 100-101

Bands & Choirs

Covered on pages 31-35

Student Life

Covered on pages 86-121

Clubs & Organizations

Covered on 88-95


Covered on pages 104-105


Covered on pages 122-155


Covered on pages.....

18-19 Award Winner!

Last year's book Like & Subscribe won the national Yearbook Program of Excellence award from Jostens, a distinction fewer than 1% of the yearbook programs in the country has the honor of achieving. There are still 22 copies of this book available for purchase. Contact to buy a copy. If you haven't yet received your prepaid copy, see Mrs. Martin in the Front Office to pick it up; parents, siblings or even friends can also sign to pick up your copy for you.