The Bahasa Indonesia for Speakers of Other Languages (BiSOL) is suited for:

New Arrivals: If you just arrived in Indonesia BiSOL Beginners level will introduce you to key vocabulary and structures that will assist you in everyday communication, both at home, school, and in the workplace.

International Participants: If you are planning on coming to Indonesia to study Bahasa Indonesia, the CalmICE team would assist you to arrange accommodation, sponsor you for visas and ensure your stay is memorable, fun and enriching. click here for details

Residents: Maybe you have been in Indonesia for a while and just realized you should be better at Bahasa Indonesia, BiSOL will help you meet your communication needs.

Business People: CalmICE has also developed an intermediate-level BiSOL that is very Industry Specific that will preparae you for successful business negotiations and transactions. For Details

CalmICE Chit Chat for Tourists

Rather than a phrase book let the BiSOL team teach you useful conversational phrases through real-life tasks, highlighting what is culturally appropriate. You learn Indonesian to make your holiday time more enjoyable as you can begin to communicate with the locals. Classes are relaxed and fun – and can take place where you reside.

Program Structure and Levels


Relaxed - one session a week

Semi-intensive - two session a week

Intensive - from three session a week

Choice of Venues:

At your home and/or hotel

At your office

At the CalmICE Center

Levels of the BiSOL Course:

1. Beginners Level

2.Intermediate Level 1

3. Intermediate Level 2

4.Intermediate Level 3

5. Advanced Level 1

6. Advanced Level 2 and

7. Proficient User .

An entrance test is required for participants to enter Level 2 and above.