About us

CalmICE colaborates with:

The Institute of Certified Professional Managers, College of Business, James Madison University to bring you;

the Certified Manager (cm) certification and the Foundations of Management (fom) program.

Eurocontrol - European Agency for Aeronautical Safety to bring you the ICAO Recognized ELPAC Test.

The ELPAC Test (English Language Proficiency for Aeronautical Communication) is the only test fully recognized by ICAO to fully meet ICAO document 8365 to test Pilots and Air Traffic Control Officers for proficiency in communicating for aviation safety.

BiSOL - Bahasa Indoensia for Speakers of Other Languages

Make you stay and life in Indonesia more meaningful. Learn to speak and use Bahasa Indonesia.

Take the BiSOL training program and the accompanying test.


Demonstrate you have the English Language ability and competence to interact, work, do business, and study internationally.

TOEFL and IELTS are for academic purposees only.

TOEIC is for work and business.