The SCHS Counseling Department

South Caldwell High School is fortunate to have 4 school counselors serving over 1,400 students. Our student body is divided into 4 categories. Those categories determine who their counselor is. All 9th grade Spartan Academy students work with one counselor & grades 10-12 are divided by last name. The breakdown is as follows:

Spartan Academy: Mrs. Miranda Denning

A-G: Ms. Lauren Robertson

H-O: Mrs. Tammy Beck

P-Z: Mrs. Erica Hawes

We are also lucky to have two college advisors on campus. Students interested in attending a 2-year college or a 4-year college or university can schedule an appointment with either Mrs. Mitzi Triplett or Ms. Emma Kroll-Smith. Our career development coordinator, Mrs. Elizabeth Crump-Brigman, is also available to assist students interested in internships in the community.

Mrs. Triplett is employed by Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute. She coordinates the college courses offered through Career and College Promise for SCHS students and serves as the transition advisor for students entering a 2-year college. Although she works for CCC&TI, she assists students interested in any 2-year college.

Ms. Kroll-Smith is our college adviser who specializes in 4-year institutions. Students with questions about ACT/SAT, college admissions applications, FAFSA/financial aid, scholarships, and choosing a major can set up an appointment with Ms. Kroll-Smith for one-on-one assistance.

Mrs. Elizabeth Crump-Brigman is our career development coordinator. She helps arrange internships, follows up on students registered for career courses, & works to ensure SCHS students are prepared for careers after high school.

Counselors are usually in the office Monday through Friday from 7:45am until 3:15pm, but our schedules can be unpredictable. Students and parents interested in meeting with a counselor should set up an appointment by contacting us directly via phone or email.

Mrs. Denning:

Ms. Robertson:

Mrs. Beck:

Mrs. Hawes:

Mrs. Triplett:

Ms. Kroll-Smith:

Mrs. Crump-Brigman: