I am excited to have you in class this year. In this course you will have to take a LEAP 2025 state test at the end of the year. It will have a major impact on your final grade in this class. We will be using SpringBoard curriculum to help guide our learning. You will also notice some websites below that we will use as additional practices and activities. If you have any concerns or questions this year feel free to contact me through email or complete the attached form on this site. Remember to math warrior on always!

Mrs. Smith

Google Classroom

1st hour: n5v3uel

2nd hour: acouh8

3rd hour: p65dums

5th hour: sxsx0m

Khan Academy

1st hour: R9USHNFP

2nd hour: VPM6K5X7

3rd hour: PAX3J4VJ

5th hour: UWHD5CTZ


Code 139236