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There is no class fee for my classes. Additionally, the only materials required are a pen/pencil, paper and an open mind!


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This is your class syllabus for United States History. You will find it helpful throughout the course to review class rules and procedures.

Class Rules


1. BE PROMPT – Tardy procedures for SHS will be enforced.

2. BE PREPARED – Bring what you need for class every day.

3. BE POLITE - Treat each other and me with respect at all times.

Missed Work

When you miss class, notes we took you must get from a classmate. Written assignments are on the make-up work counter. It is your responsibility to get and complete what you missed. If you are unsure, ask me! Missed tests can only be made – up before school or at lunch. Again, it is your responsibility to make – up tests you missed!

Units of Study

Westward Expansion Roaring 20s/Jazz Age

Populism/Agrarian Movement Great Depression

Urbanization, Industrialization & Immigration World War II

Progressive Era/Imperialism Cold War

World War I Modern Era