2.Prob & Stats

Welcome! My name is Morgan Moore. I teach Geometry and Probability and Statistics. My goal this year is to push your child to do their best, achieve their goals, and prepare them for the future. I believe in project based learning. Therefore, I will incorporate new and innovative ways for students to learn so that they are learning and having fun in a safe environment.


Southwood Mentoring Program 2019

Lead By: Jonathan Mitchell *Aministrative Asistant

The 3rd 9 weeks is here, and man how time flies! I know this is the time we all want to lay back and just ride the waves until the end of the year, however, this time is crucial! We are so close to LEAP 2020 and Final exams. A great man once said " the timing of the 3rd nine weeks is considered to be that final push at the end of a race. As you come near to the end of a race you run harder, faster and stronger than you would at any other time in the race." (Principal Roberts) Therefore, we must not get complacent. We must study harder learn faster and stay strong until the end. There is no time for tears. Lets make 2019 our best year yet!

Don't Forget: Detailed information about what we are doing in class is under the calendar tab.

As the end of the 9 weeks comes to a close, be sure and stay on top of your work. Thursday Oct. 11th will be a make up day for me. So, if you have missed any tests or quizzes you must make them up by Thursday. This is not a day for extra credit it is just a day for those who have missed to make up their tests. Those who do not need to make up anything will be given a daily assignment.

Hey GEO kids! you will have your first official Unit test next week. We will also be taking E.A.3 in class on Tuesday Oct. 02. This will be a hard week so if you need extra practice you can do all the practice problems in your book that we don't do in class. We will have study session for two days prior to the Unit test. Don't stress guys!! stay focused be sure your ask questions and study hard.

Hey P&S you will have your next Unit test on Oct. 11th over Radicals and Quadratic equations/factoring. We will have a study session the day before the test. This test grade will be on your report grade so make sure you are looking over your notes and asking any questions that you may have in class.

Hey Prob and Stats Students I just put in a grade for your pre-test. If you turned in a sheet showing your work, and WITH YOUR NAME ON IT, I gave you a 15 bonus points. I also gave you 10 bonus points for turning in your syllabus before Friday Aug 17th. Remember if you don not put forth your best effort I cannot give you any bonus points. You will just get what you get. if you have any questions feel free to contact me. THANKS!!

Geometry kids, I have uploaded notes for every lesson we have covered so far so go check them out!!

The Power point below contains all our classroom rules and procedures. I will review these with my students on a daily basis.

Rules and Procedeures.pptx