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Johnny Appleseed Day

By: Haley Chaffin

Kindergartners dressed up like Johnny Appleseed. They watched a movie, had games, and made crafts. Johnny Appleseed was a man who introduced apple trees to different parts of the United States.They wore a pot on their head, a flannel shirt, and jeans. Kindergartners had a fun time at Johnny Appleseed Day.

Third Grade Is Getting Busy!

By: Haley Knighton

3rd graders sure are getting busy in art! They’ve been working hard to impress their amazing art teacher Mrs. Hyman! Some of these students were to busy working to pose, while others couldn’t keep their smiles in!

New to HMS

By: Sophie Randall

Let’s welcome a few of our new students to Herndon. In elementary, we have Landry Clark, Lena Tarr, Timothy Kent, and Kyndal Reneau. In middle school, our new students are Allie Beth, Keriasia Alford, Emma Burson, and Brian Billings. We now have close to 750 students at Herndon!

4th grade is very important. In this grade people learn how to write using the acronym R.A.C.E.

R- Restate A- Answer the question C- Cite text evidence E- Explain your point

This is also the grade that people start fractions and long division.

Spirit Squad