Hawk Talk Blog

Novel Studies

By: Maggie Reger Sophie Randall

Mrs. Miller’s Novel Studies class reads books and creates projects on them. Mason Welch said his favorite project was Book Talk. Mrs. Miller said, “I really love the people in this class and I wish it was a year long course.” Natalie Blankenship said that Mrs. Miller is an amazing teacher

Home Ec.

By: Haley Chaffin

Home Economics is a elective you can take to learn about the current environment where you live. You can learn to cook and even carry an egg baby. You learn the importance of the items in your home. The point of the class is to become aware of the environment in your house.

Hawk Talk Editor

By: Katy Jennings And Sophie Randall

This school year Daniel Gallagher is starting his second year of Hawk Talk as editor. His favorite thing about being on Hawk Talk is getting to meet new people when interviewing. His responsibilities as editor are to check articles, help others, and create the templates for the Hawk Talk.

3rd Grade Students

by Haley Knighton

I think most of us remember how much easier it was to make friends in third grade compared to now. These three shown below are new bffs. One girl said all she does at recess is play on the monkey bars and chase the boys.