Guided Pathways

Cabrillo College Guided Pathways

What is Guided Pathways?

Guided Pathways is a descriptive plan that guides a student INTO and THROUGH college to the successful COMPLETION of a credential and the transition to a baccalaureate program or the labor market. A Guided Pathway integrates academic and student services together in a coherent and intentional system that match a student’s interests and goals, and better prepare him or her for success in a rapidly changing global environment. The purpose of this site is to provide resources on Cabrillo's processes towards adopting the model. More info . . .

Pathway Design Principles

  • Ensure students know requirements for success
  • Minimize time required to prepare for college
  • Accelerate entry into coherent programs of study
  • Customize and contextualize instruction
  • Integrate student supports with instruction
  • Leverage technology to improve learning and program delivery
  • Continually monitor student progress and provide proactive guidance
  • Reward behaviors that contribute to completion
Faculty at brown bag lunch session

Why Guided Pathways for Cabrillo? Looking Back.

Beginning in 2014, Cabrillo's Leading from the Middle group, a team of faculty and administrators, began working together to improve student success and lessen the equity gap. It began with a Pedagogy and Pathways project, which subsequently led to research on the Guided Pathways model proposed in the book Redesigning America's Community Colleges (Harvard University Press, 2015). In 2015-16, the Leading from the Middle group hosted guest speaker Dr. Rob Johnstone, a national expert on guided pathways, and multiple brown-bag lunch events followed, to allow participation in this important discussion across all campus components. Resources on this site provide insight into the process of developing guided pathways at Cabrillo College.


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