July 23, 2020

[Image Description: A black graphic reads in italics “healing is here.” At the center is a screen shot of five people on a zoom call. Clockwise, it’s Trinity, Tracy, Amy, Mia and Robin. The text at the bottom reads: APEX Express, Thurs at 7PM KPFA 94.1FM]

Host Tracy Nguyen joins our Asian Americans for Civil Rights and Equality (AACRE) colleagues to talk about healing during a pandemic. Guests include: Robin Gurung, a Bhutanese refugee, yoga teacher, and storyteller; Rev. Dr. Trinity Ordona, a lesbian Filipino-American college teacher, activists, community organizer, and ordained minster; Dr. Amy Grace Lam, a healer, writer activist trained in Bioenergy Balancing, Comprehensive Energy Psychology and shamanic journeying; and Mia Mingus, a writer, educator and community organizer for disability justice and transformative justice.

October 17, 2019