Our Team

Robin Gurung

Executive Director

Born in Bhutan, raised in a Bhutanese refugee camp in Nepal, Robin now lives in Oakland, California since 2012. He brings his 20 years of refugee experiences to his community organizing work and focuses on empowering refugee youths to become the change agents in their community. Robin co-founded a youth group called Bay Area Bhutanese Youths, BABY, (now "The Storytellers") which brings together Bhutanese youths in Bay Area to tell stories of refugees and immigrants. Focus of "The Storytellers" is to bring awareness about displacement issues and what comes after displacement: identity crisis, search for home, (dis)connection to our ancestors/roots, and hope. Robin also helped co-found Camp for Emerging Leaders (also known as CAMP), an annual 5 day leadership training program for self identified Bhutanese organizers, activists, artists, and emerging community leaders. The CAMP is an immersion experience into personal and community transformation. Robin also serves as the President of Bhutanese Community in California (since 2015).

Tracy Nguyen

Director of Strategy/AACRE Coordinator

My name is Tracy Nguyen, born and raised in San Jose, California. Growing up with

refugee parents from Vietnam largely defines who I am today: a driven community

organizer with a creative, entrepreneurial spirit. I received a B.A. in Media Studies and

Ethnic Studies from UC Berkeley, which seeded my activist journey.

Since graduating, I worked within the nonprofit sector to uplift the voices and power of

refugees, immigrants, workers, women, youth, LGBTQ community, and incarcerated

individuals. With my creative passion for visual storytelling, I decided to take my own

vision into own hands and became a freelancer in videography and graphic facilitation.

Website: http://hellafly.graphics

Trang Tran

Director of Innovation

Trang identifies as a queer, gender-nonconforming, 1.5 Vietnamese immigrant who aspires to live their truth as bright and powerful as the full moon. Born in Saigon and growing up in the East Bay, Trang's work is focused on building within the Vietnamese community to heal trauma and uplift power. Through community organizing and creative expressions, they strive to build a cultural healing hub that centers intergenerational nourishment of traditional food and drink. In their free time, they dance, write poetry, bond with their siblings, breathe, and spread love and compassion.

Anupama Chapagain

Director of Advocacy

Anupama Chapagain is the community advocate for the Nepali and Bhutanese community. Born and raised in Nepal, she worked to uplift the quality of life of rural women of Nepal. She advocates for the Bhutanese, Nepali and other South Asian Communities and their issues. Anupama has a Post-Baccalaureate Degree in Women's Studies and she focuses on Women Empowerment, Gender Awareness, Domestic Violence issues, Capacity Building, Healthcare Access and Income Generating activities for new immigrants.