CJHS Year 8 Induction

Clounagh Junior High School

This page will provide you with information about the Year 8 Induction process. Here you will find links to the Parent and Pupil Booklets, useful videos which will introduce you to Year 8 life at Clounagh Junior High School.

We hope that this area will give you some insight into the opportunities available to Clounagh JHS pupils and we look forward to welcoming all the new Year 8 pupils to our school community.

Mr Hill's Welcome

A message for all Year 8 pupils from our Principal

Mr Hill.MP4
Form Teachers Movie 2020.wmv

Year 8 Form Teachers

This video will introduce you to our Year 8 Form Teachers and help you find out a little about them and what their advice is for starting Year 8.

For those of you who got to visit on our Open Night on 9th January 2020 you will remember what our busy classrooms are like. This video will take you on a tour of our school and let you see and hear what Clounagh is like for our students.

  • School Ethos

  • A Caring School: Pastoral Information

  • The School Day

  • Getting to School